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Our Story

Our Story

Why Do You Buy Ice Cream?

"I used to buy Ice Cream because I believed it has the super power to make anyone happy, even when they’re angry!”

Yasmina Rizk, our Sweet founder, always believed in the magical power of Ice Cream to turn any frown into a smile.

She understood that in the simple pleasure of savoring a scoop of ice cream,

there's a moment of pure joy that transcends boundaries and brings happiness to all hearts.

Years after having a successful optometry clinic helping people see the world more clearly, she had a life-changing call with her husband oneday;

“I’m gonna keep on enhancing everyone’s unique vision but by a different lens and a unified vision; All Through Ice Cream!”

Turning Dream into Cream!

Meticulous research and passion went into crafting our exceptional items that are more than just desserts;

they're vessels of delight and enchantment.

Nestled in the heart of the UAE, our brand mirrors the cosmopolitan spirit of this diverse country,

welcoming people from around the globe, and celebrating the universal language of happiness.

Our Ice Cream is a testament to this inclusivity—a sweet embrace for all!

At our core, we believe in the power of Ice Cream to create moments of togetherness, to ignite smiles, and to share joy.

This is our superpower, and it's our pleasure to share it with you!

Sweet Home Sweet!

At Minus Eighteen, we are your sweet home to enjoy sweet and well-deserved breaks!

Whether it’s a delightful drink, refreshing ice cream, or any of our tasty desserts, we welcome you to our comforting haven!